"Dr. Bergen began working with us at a time when we were depressed and worried over family-member-employee relationships and resulting financial problems, both of which were growing exponentially. He guided us through some pretty tough decisions, never pushing, but allowing us to make changes at our own speed. He continues to be our spiritual and managerial mentor, and has helped us to become strong and confident once again."

Bonnie Aronoff, President Situation Materials, Inc.
Twinsburg, OH

"The consultation services of Cecil Bergen have made a dramatic impact in improving personal relationships of our management staff, as well as strengthening our company's stability for future success. Specially, Cecil has brought family members, who were experiencing a lack of trust or understanding, together to find healing, unity and a sense of strength and dependence on each other in order that we might focus on accomplishing our common goals. He is extremely insightful and moves quickly to discover and deal with what is at the hear and core of any issue."

Douglas J. Kovatch, Plant Manager Kovatch Castings
Uniontown, OH

"Growing a family business is always a challenge. Trying to balance between the neds of family members and the demands of the business is harder still. As a committed counselor, Cecil has helped our family to improve communication and tackle very difficult topics within a safe, heartfelt context. I can say with honesty that there are very few "hidden agendas" today between the business members and brothers and sisters because of Cecil's help. I can also say that of all the outside consultants our business has employed over the years, Cecil has provided us with the best, most enduring advice of all. Our family — and business — is better because of Cecil."

Lisa Kurtz Iudiano
Treasurer, Kurtz Bros, Inc.

"Cecil's unique ability to screen candidates that we propose to hire or promote has directly improved our bottom line by reducing our "recruiting error" rate AND significantly increasing our client satisfaction ratings. The cost of making a poor hiring or promotion decision is measure not only in dollars but also in poor employee relations and ultimately work performance of an entire team. Dr. Bergen has become a key member of our Advisory Team at Apply Growth Partners."

David J. Gaino, Chairman
Apple Growth Partners